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PaxAnimi® provides a range of educational documents as part of its comprehensive estate planning service.

Your simple guide to effective estate planning

If doing a will and estate planning keeps ending up in the too-hard basket, not only might a willmakers’ wishes not happen if they lose their mental capacity or die, but their family is missing out on the taxation benefits and risk protections ordinarily provided by an effective estate planning service.

Learn PaxAnimi’s solution to effective estate planning by understanding its 5 stages7 rules and 7 risks for what happens if willmakers lose their mental capacity or dies.

Understanding this process will empower willmakers to make informed decisions about their financial legacy and will provide them with ultimate peace of mind in knowing their family is protected when the time comes. 

PaxAnimi’s unique estate planning service will allow most willmakers to complete their estate planning, online. Estate planning up to speed. The way it should be.

PaxAnimi’s resources library provides a range of materials to help you understand what is involved in the will and estate planning process.