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PaxAnimi® for
Accountants & Advisers

Comprehensive, easy & effective estate planning. Online.

End-to-end estate planning for your clients

Would you like to offer effective estate planning services directly to your clients, without the expense or delay of engaging external lawyers?  PaxAnimi® is for you.

Completed online, PaxAnimi® allows you to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective will and estate planning service. PaxAnimi® will boost your bottom line and remove the need for your client to engage a lawyer.

PaxAnimi® is a law firm, not an IT service provider.  You are dealing with experienced estate planning lawyers with $10m professional indemnity insurance. It is just that PaxAnimi’s will and estate planning documents are delivered in real time, online.

If helping your clients to plan for their future is the cornerstone of your business, PaxAnimi® can provide the opportunity for them to also be personally and financially protected on loss of capacity and death.

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A simple approach to doing business
Fee structure

Signing up to PaxAnimi’s online estate planning service is free of charge

You determine the total cost to your client which includes your professional fee and the fee for each client that completes the process (a husband or wife or partners are charged only the one fee).

Benefits to Accountants & Advisers

PaxAnimi’s online application and workflow tool produces comprehensive estate planning documents in minutes


Offer an effective will and estate planning service for which you can be paid a professional fee that you set

Fast turnaround

Speed up the delivery of your will and estate planning service using PaxAnimi’s powerful workflow tools


Enhance your revenues with a full-service will and estate planning application. Online.

Value-added service

Deliver full service estate planning at scale, without compromising on quality

White label

You have the option to white label under your own business name

Supported by lawyers

Remove the stresses of finding the right will and estate planning solution for your clients. PaxAnimi’s estate planning lawyers are on hand to support the service 

Simple fee structure

No subscription fees or upfront costs

Online access

Online access to all of your clients’ historic and current estate planning documents and decisions