PaxAnimi® for organisations

Effective estate planning. An employee benefit.

PaxAnimi® - peace of mind for your employees

Effective estate planning is too important to be left until retirement.

You can now offer estate planning as an employee benefit, providing your team with a practical solution for an important task that is usually left in the ‘too-hard’ basket, or is neglected altogether.

With PaxAnimi’s easy to use, effective estate planning outcome, you can incentivise both new recruits and long-serving team members with a valuable gift that will benefit them and their families for years to come.

PaxAnimi’s full-service estate planning application delivers:

  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Guardianship appointment
  • A comprehensive will with optional testamentary trusts (that allow for a choice of a flexible and two capital protected trusts)
  • A complete estate planning report outlining what you have done and why
  • A housekeeping outline is included in the report, advising you what you need to do to get your personal and financial circumstances to align with your estate planning in the most effective way

How it works


Access PaxAnimi’s online Screening Tool

Your employees access PaxAnimi’s Screening Tool 24 x 7, where in their own time they will be guided through the step-by-step, easy to use full advisory service


If they fit the profile

If they fit the profile in the Screening Tool (and most people do), your employee will receive their personalised estate planning documents and detailed estate planning report, online


You pay for your employees’ estate planning

You pay the fee once the process is completed (a husband and wife or partners are charged only the one fee)

Fee structure

Signing up to PaxAnimi’s online estate planning service is free of charge

You only pay once your employee completes the process (a husband or wife or partners are charged only the one fee).

Benefits to your employee

PaxAnimi® delivers your employees a complete, effective estate planning outcome.

Full service

Delivering a full effective estate planning service, without compromising on quality

Fast turnaround

Speeding up the delivery of your employees estate planning using PaxAnimi®’s powerful screening tool

Simple fee

No subscription fees or upfront costs, you only pay once your employee complete the process

Online access

Online access to all of your employees’ historic and current estate planning documents and decisions

Partnering with PaxAnimi® provides a cost effective, innovative and easy to use estate planning service that employers can gift to their employees. Effective estate planning is too often neglected or not given attention to.

Now employers can assist their employees in ensuring their wealth is dealt with and their families are protected when they are no longer here to take care of them.