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Comprehensive, easy & effective estate planning. Online.

End-to-end estate planning for your clients

Completed online, PaxAnimi® allows you to offer a comprehensive and cost-effective estate planning service. PaxAnimi® will boost your bottom line and remove the need for your client to engage a lawyer.

PaxAnimi’s Estate Planning Service provides:

  • Enduring power of attorney
  • Guardianship appointment
  • A comprehensive will with optional testamentary trusts (that allow for a choice of a flexible and two capital protected trusts)
  • A complete estate planning report outlining what your client has done and why
  • A housekeeping outline is included in the report, advising your client what they need to do to get their personal and financial circumstances to align with their estate planning in the most effective way

How it works


Access PaxAnimi’s online Screening Tool

You or your client access PaxAnimi’s Screening Tool 24 x 7, where in the user’s own time they will be guided through the step-by-step, easy-to-use full advisory service.


If your client fits the profile

If your client fits the profile in the Screening Tool (and most people do), they will receive their personalised estate planning documents and report, online.


You charge your client for their estate planning

You determine your administration fee and you pay for each client who completes the process (a husband and wife or partners are charged only the one fee).

A simple approach to doing business

Sign up for free with PaxAnimi®
You or your client receive access to PaxAnimi’s online service
Your client agrees to your fee proposal and receives access to PaxAnimi’s online Screening Tool.
Your client completes PaxAnimi’s Screening Tool. Your client only pays if they choose to receive their personalised estate planning documents.
Your client’s completed estate planning documents are sent either to you or directly to your client

Fee structure

Signing up to PaxAnimi’s online estate planning service is free of charge

You determine the total cost to your client which includes your administration fee and the fee for each client that completes the process (a husband or wife or partners are charged only the one fee).

Benefits to your business

PaxAnimi® can deliver a new revenue stream to your business

Full service

Offer an effective estate planning service for which you can be paid an administration fee that you set

Value-added service

Offer a value-added service without increasing overhead


Add a new revenue stream for an estate planning service supported by lawyers

Fast turnaround

Speed up the completion and delivery of your clients’ estate planning documents

White label

You have the option  to white label under your own business name

Lawyer access

Have access to PaxAnimi’s specialist estate planning lawyers

Online access

Online access to all your clients’ historic and current estate planning decisions and documents

Simple fee structure

No subscription fees or upfront costs

PaxAnimi® provides an effective estate planning service that does not compromise on quality just because it is delivered online.